Lovely day

20 july 2016

What a day! My family and I went on a beach where I’ve never been before, which is disappointing  since i was born in Sardinia and Villasimius is a popular beach here.


The sun was incredibly warm and the sand has burnt my feet more than once but it worth ’cause look at that! So soft and white!


The water, unfortunally, was cold even though the sun was hot! But it doesn’t stop me!20160720_112225

This picture is my  favorite of the day! Look how beautiful are the lights on the water!


And than we enjoyed the day sunbathing, playing cards, eating, and playing tennis! I think cosy and calm days with your family are the best! Even i still live with them, so I can see them every day, those types of days are so special and remember me how lucky I’m to have their love.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer, I’d love to know what you have done so far or what are you planning to do.

Valeria :3



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